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Our dive sites are chosen daily based on weather and surface conditions. We gladly accept requests and will do our best to accommodate them. 

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North - Atlantic Exposure 

Arches and Tunnels 
Arches and Tunnels

Arches and Tunnels is one of the most requested sites in the area due to its amazing bottom topography consisting of, you guessed it, a series of arches and tunnels. Swim under the "Welcome Arch" and begin a fantastic adventure packed full of swim-through's, silversides, tarpon, and a colorful variety of corals and fish. The rock formations are the highlight of the dive but there is no shortage of marine life as you navigate through the "Haunted House" and "Dog Leg". Located on the Northwest end of Thatch Cay, this site may not be dive able certain times of year due to weather conditions.






Jaws has a scary name but don't worry, you will be laughing when you hear how it came about. A nice combination of low laying reef, rock formations, crevices, and a beautiful "Cathedral". Another great place to see an abundance of tarpon, silversides, and often nurse sharks.









Congo Cay is probably our most frequently dived site on the North side due to its very colorful scenery, rock formations, and larger fish. This dive is adjacent to a little deeper water and offers the chance of seeing "big stuff" like eagle rays, reef sharks, and occasionally dolphins. There is a large sand flat bordering the are which attracts sting rays and nurse sharks. Located on the west end of Congo Cay, you will have a nice "down island" view into the British Virgin islands.



carval rock
Carval Rock

Carval Rock is another of St Thomas’s most beautiful dive sites because of the large variety of sea life that are always present. Named after a 17th century fast fighting ship, and located just northeast of Lovongo Cay and east of Congo Cay, this spectacular dive site rewards divers with a magnificent view of nature’s underwater environment. From rock formations, swim through's and wide variety of corals and fish at depths of 15-80ft this always proves to be a popular request. This is a popular dive site for those tarpon lovers who want to get a great photo, up close and personal.


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